• Allergy treatment & procedures

    Any consultation will involve a thorough allergy and personal medical history discussion, followed by a physical examination and will include basic allergies diagnostic tests such as Skin Scratch Tests and Lung Function Testing. You will receive the results of these tests and be given treatment advice at the consultation.

    Conditions treated at our clinic:

    • Rhinitis (Allergic, Non-Allergic, Vasomotor)
    • Bronchial Asthma
    • Drug Allergy Diagnosis & Desensitization
    • Insect Allergy Diagnosis & Desensitization
    • Medical management of Sinus Disease
    • Different types of Food Allergy
    • Immune Deficiency/Recurrent Infections cases
    • Allergic Skin Disorders: Hives, Contact Dermatitis
    • Latex Sensitivity/allergy



    Diagnostic testsand treatments performed at our clinic:

    • Skin Prick Test
    • Drug Test
    • Drug Challenges
    • Skin prick and intradermal Test
    • Food Test & Desensitization
    • Food Challenges
    • Patch skin Test
    • Stinging Insect Testing and Desensitization
    • Immunizations for patients with egg allergy
    • Allergy injections/Immunotherapy
    • Environmental Allergy Testing and Desensitization
    • Patient Education & Partnership in Treatment Plans
    • Treatment of children with asthma
    • Assessment of children with potential allergic reactions
    • Family asthma education for a child with asthma

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