• What is latex?

    Natural rubber latex is produced from the liquid of tropical rubber trees. This liquid is processed to make many household, industrial and medical rubber products. Medical products containing latex include gloves, urinary catheters, tourniquets and equipment for resuscitation.



    What is latex allergy?

    Repeated exposure to a protein in natural latex can make you more likely to develop a latex allergy. If your immune system detects the protein, a reaction can start in minutes. You could get a rash, asthma and in rare cases shock from latex exposure.


    What are the products that contain latex?

    • Gloves
    • Condoms
    • Balloons
    • Rubber bands
    • Shoe soles
    • Pacifiers


    If I have latex allergy, would I developed food allergy?

    50% of people with latex allergy also have a food allergy. The most common allergies are to bananas and nuts, although other fruits and vegetables can cause allergic reactions.


    What is the treatment of latex allergy?

    • Treatment with an oral antihistamine will be sufficient for most mild allergic reactions.
    • Patients with very severe reactions are usually given epinephrine pen.


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