• Sublingual Immunotherapy

    What is sublingual immunotherapy?
    Immunotherapy treats the cause of allergies by giving small doses of what a person is allergic to, which increases “immunity” or tolerance to the allergen and reduces the allergic symptoms. Sublingual immunotherapy is given as drops under the tongue.


    How does the process work?
    The first step is to confirm a patient’s allergies through allergy testing. Then, a custom-mixed vial of drops is prepared for the patient. The patient takes drops under the tongue daily.



    What are the advantages of allergy drops?
    There are several advantages to allergy drops:

    • Most patients receiving allergy drops need only a few clinic visits the first year, and once every 6-12 months thereafter until visits are no longer needed.
    • You can take allergy drops at home or wherever you need to be.
    • Patients typically report fewer clinic visits, hospitalizations, and less lost time from work and school after taking drops consistently.


    What should happen if I have an allergic reaction?

    • If at any time you experience swelling, hives, severe itching or a rash please report to your doctor.



    How to administer the drops?

    • After removing cap, place tip of dropper under tongue behind front bottom teeth and squeeze dropper appropriate
    • Number of times to deliver 1, 2, or 3 drops (depending on your dose).
    • Hold the drops under tongue for at least 30 seconds then
    • Then swallow the drops.


    How long can I expect the effects of allergy drops to last?
    The key to ensuring the effects last is compliance, which is an additional benefit of allergy drops. Studies show that patients taking allergy drops tend to stay with their treatment 90 percent of the time, which is significantly higher than with other routes of treatment. A typical patient will continue treatment for three to five years, depending upon the severity of allergic problems.


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